Semiconductor Review - 2021 Predictions

Raymond W. Grimm, President & CEO,  Nidec SV TCLRaymond W. Grimm, President & CEO, Nidec SV TCL
The year 2020 was a challenge for most companies, Nidec SV TCL included, and many are happy to see it in the rearview. The pandemic, trade war between the US and China, and economy woes made it extremely challenging to manage any type of business. Fortunately, in the case of semiconductors, the industry has fared much better than others during 2020. This is primarily due to employees working from home, upgrades to their existing equipment, the need for dependable mobile products and fast, reliable internet connections. And we can’t forget healthcare products, AI chips, cloud infrastructure and automotive. The proliferation of semiconductors is vast, ICs are included in almost every commercial and industrial product.

As we move into a brand-new year, we expect that work from home and remote schooling will continue in some capacity for at least the first half of 2021. With COVID-19 forcing remote work and virtual events, the 5G market should continue its upward trajectory, along with Mobile, IoT and Graphics as we spend even more time in our homes and need to be connected. Due to the rise of these technologies and how they are used, an increasing number of IC devices are expected to be designed for high frequency applications. Chips will also become increasingly more complex with large die sizes requiring high-density pin layouts and increased parallelism. These are emerging technologies that will create a major challenge for test vendors such as Nidec SV TCL to provide advanced testing solutions that can accommodate large numbers of probes while at the same time effectively testing under high current.

With the increasing complexity of chips, a vital part of the process has been the design of the probe card and clear communication with customers. The pandemic will most likely continue to impact the way we do business, so it is crucial that we create new ways to communicate with our customers regarding their test applications. Ongoing MEMS Probe development must also be maintained for us stay competitive. Nidec SV TCL has made a significant investment in our MEMS probe technology, developing a unique testing solution that can meet the requirements of cutting-edge advanced IC devices such as complex SOC (AI, integrated 3D ICs) and RF, devices that need up to 50K probe density ranges, high current and low power consumption. Our MEMSFlex™ products are unique, unlike any other MEMS probe on the market, capable of efficiently testing these ICs under high power and multiple power domains. Our experienced team is also fully qualified to provide the answers and solutions needed to effectively test the new types of intricate ICs.

As this new year moves on, we are hopeful that the new vaccines will help us return to some sense of normality. As for Nidec SV TCL, we will remain cautiously optimistic, continuing our work to keep everyone safe while remaining dedicated to our customers and ensuring that we provide them with the quality testing products that they have come to expect from us.

We wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

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