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Top 10 Semiconductor Tech Solution Companies - 2020

The increasing dependability associated with semiconductors along with their low price and compactness, has fundamentally supported the integration of devices into numerous applications. At present, many businesses have concentrated on semiconductor technology as an ideal approach to strengthening their technological capabilities. Those involved with the semiconductor industry are often assigned with the elaborate task of crafting, testing, authenticating, incorporating, and manufacturing models for their goal audience. The reason why organizations use semiconductor tech is to build up a device that can be easily integrated into the manufacturer’s module.

Further, it is a commonly known reality that the rising demand for smartphones, built-in devices, and non-public computer systems has elevated the semiconductor industry; however, the overlooked fact is that the semiconductor industrialists are immensely contributing to improving their enterprise infrastructure and manufacturing quality. Also, the ever-increasing demands for integrated semiconductors stimulate the development of new enterprise models with modern strategies. Starting from a wristwatch to massive machinery in manufacturing units, semiconductor technology is widely used in modern equipment. Moreover, there is a growing demand for AI in the semiconductor market as it improves the manufacturing speed, reduces operational cost, and enhances the overall performance. Today, semiconductor-integrated IoTs are all over the place in the form of personal gadgets, family appliances, office devices, and even as tools in the manufacturing companies. As semiconductor plays an essential function in leading the methods to future era through contributing to the improvement of advanced options for each and every sector. The continually increasing customer demands for high-tech digital factors promise the semiconductor enterprise’s colossal growth in the following years.

To gain the advantages of such technological advancements has compelled organizations to adopt semiconductor tech solutions and services. This edition of Semiconductor Review presents a list of the leading semiconductor tech players to help companies navigate the realm of the best-of-breed consulting/service companies and solution providers. The enlisted organizations are transforming processes and services at the convergence of several disruptive technologies. Besides, the magazine also comprises insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for the aspiring CIOs.

We present to you Semiconductor Review’s “Top 10 Semiconductor Tech Solution Providers - 2020.”

    Top Semiconductor Tech Solution Companies

  • Deca Technologies helps clients break the molds and limitations of monolithic ICs. The company provides technology to connect chiplets (smaller functional block chips) in a heterogeneous environment and creates advanced non-monolithic systems on a chip (SoCs). When combined with the Adaptive Patterning, M-Series’ design rules provide the highest quality electrical connections with the largest ‘via’ contacts on the smallest device interface pitch. The planar M-Series surface is perfect for building highly integrated fan-out SoC structures. Introduction of the new 2µm technology node with multi-layer redistribution layers (RDL) provides powerful new possibilities for IC designers partitioning silicon functional blocks to create highly integrated electronic systems

  • Develops and provides patented stator technology with higher power density, better quality of motion, and better efficiency than today’s conventional motors

  • Provides engineered yield management products—Chuck Cleaning Wafer (CCW), Probe Card Cleaning (PCC), and Test Contactor Cleaning (TCC) to the semiconductor industry

  • MultiLane is the global leader in data center interconnect and high-speed IO test solutions such as smart loopbacks, compliance boards, bit-error-rate testers, oscilloscopes, and time domain reflectometry. As the industry evolves from 100 Gigabit Ethernet to 400 and 800 Gigabit Ethernet, the company remains flexible and agile, proactively listening to customers’ diverse needs and developing best-in-class first-to-market solutions. MultiLane provides transceiver test solutions for both manufacturers and developers of pluggable modules. The company’s bit-error-rate-testers (BERTs) can be found all over the world as an integral part of high-volume manufacturing lines and characterization setups

  • Nidec SV TCL is a semiconductor testing equipment manufacturer specializing in MEMS Probes and the development of advanced probing solutions that are flexible, in-house repairable and can effectively test a client's IC under high power and multiple power domain circumstances

  • Provides revolutionary device-oriented testing (DOT) Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) to test semiconductors devices (MEMS, analog mixed signal, SoC and power devices) ranging from automotive to consumer, industrial, medical applications

  • Advanced Energy

    Advanced Energy

    Advanced Energy is well versed in semiconductor industry trends. They deal with power delivery and control solutions and temperature measurement technologies for critical etching, deposition, inspection, implantation, and annealing processes. Their platform architecture and commitment to innovation, helps develop strategic partnerships, anticipate the application needs, and rapidly design products and solutions for their specific requirements

  • Atotech


    Atotech is a global provider of specialty surface-finishing solutions. Their comprehensive systems-and-solutions approach leverages the unique offering of chemistry, equipment, and service. The combination of the company’s comprehensive systems-and-solutions approach, a strong global manufacturing and sales footprint, customer-driven investments in R&D, and superior technical expertise makes them an ideal surface-finishing solutions partner for a diverse customer base. The solutions create significant value for customers focused on product performance, reliability, and consistency

  • MRSI Systems

    MRSI Systems

    MRSI Systems, part of Mycronic Group, is a leading manufacturer of ultra-precise die bonding and epoxy dispensing systems with industry leading speed and flexibility. The company offers “one-stop-shop” solutions for research and development, low-to-high volume manufacturing of photonic devices such as lasers, detectors, modulators, AOCs, WDM/EML TO-Cans, Optical transceivers, LiDAR, VR/AR, sensors, and optical imaging products

  • Nova Measuring Instruments

    Nova Measuring Instruments

    Nova provides its customers with the vital process insight and clarity needed to produce cutting-edge semiconductor devices for the most advanced disruptive markets. Nova is industrializing X-ray and optical technologies for semiconductor inline process control, enabling advanced measuring of both dimensions and material properties throughout the fabrication lifecycle. They provide a full range of metrology solutions to solve the technical challenges arising in the semiconductor industry