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Top 10 Semiconductor Tech Consulting/Service Companies - 2020

The increasing dependability associated with semiconductors along with their low price and compactness, has fundamentally supported the integration of devices into numerous applications. At present, many businesses have concentrated on semiconductor technology as an ideal approach to strengthening their technological capabilities. Those involved with the semiconductor industry are often assigned with the elaborate task of crafting, testing, authenticating, incorporating, and manufacturing models for their goal audience. The reason why organizations use semiconductor tech is to build up a device that can be easily integrated into the manufacturer’s module.

Further, it is a commonly known reality that the rising demand for smartphones, built-in devices, and non-public computer systems has elevated the semiconductor industry; however, the overlooked fact is that the semiconductor industrialists are immensely contributing to improving their enterprise infrastructure and manufacturing quality. Also, the ever-increasing demands for integrated semiconductors stimulate the development of new enterprise models with modern strategies. Starting from a wristwatch to massive machinery in manufacturing units, semiconductor technology is widely used in modern equipment. Moreover, there is a growing demand for AI in the semiconductor market as it improves the manufacturing speed, reduces operational cost, and enhances the overall performance. Today, semiconductor-integrated IoTs are all over the place in the form of personal gadgets, family appliances, office devices, and even as tools in the manufacturing companies. As semiconductor plays an essential function in leading the methods to future era through contributing to the improvement of advanced options for each and every sector. The continually increasing customer demands for high-tech digital factors promise the semiconductor enterprise’s colossal growth in the following years.

To gain the advantages of such technological advancements has compelled organizations to adopt semiconductor tech solutions and services. This edition of Semiconductor Review presents a list of the leading semiconductor tech players to help companies navigate the realm of the best-of-breed consulting/service companies and solution providers. The enlisted organizations are transforming processes and services at the convergence of several disruptive technologies. Besides, the magazine also comprises insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for the aspiring CIOs.

We present to you Semiconductor Review’s “Top 10 Semiconductor Tech Consulting/Service Companies - 2020.”

    Top Semiconductor Tech Consulting/Service Companies

  • Being at the intersection of mechanical, electrical, software, and science domains, Emphysys provides technology and custom product solutions that improve performance and reliability of complex products

  • ASE Technology Holding

    ASE Technology Holding

    ASE Technology Holding is the leading provider of semiconductor manufacturing services in assembly and test. The company develops and offers complete turnkey solutions covering front-end engineering test, wafer probing and final test, as well as IC packaging, materials and electronic manufacturing services through USI with superior technologies, breakthrough innovations, and advanced development programs

  • Big Wau

    Big Wau

    Big Wau promotes and facilitates electro-mechanical engineering design and contract manufacturing services in Malaysia, Singapore, and eventually all Southeast Asia. The company supports design and engineering, from prototype to volume manufacturing for startups and major companies. Their team works with a list of pre-qualified manufacturers and third-party engineering services and depending on client's project and product requirement, they will find an optimal solution to meet the needs

  • Isola


    Isola’s purpose is to improve life by enabling innovation in electronic products. They manufacture the PCB materials that help other companies make cutting-edge products. Their high-performance PCB materials are used in a diverse range of electronic end-markets including applications in computers, networking and communications equipment, high-end consumer electronics, as well as products designed for use in the advanced automotive, aerospace, military and medical markets

  • NTE Electronics

    NTE Electronics

    NTE devices are quality tested to consistently assure that they meet or exceed the industry specifications of the device they are replacing. They have been used in NASA space projects, German automobiles, hospital/medical applications and in virtually every type of consumer item. NTE brand lines include semiconductors, relays, resistors, fuses, heat shrink tubing, clips and test leads, switches, cable ties, capacitors, hook-up wire, potentiometers and trimmers, terminals and connectors, and LED tubing

  • Promex Industries

    Promex Industries

    PROMEX is a unique technology driven EMS and packaging foundry. The company have specialized knowledge in building physically small electronics devices utilizing microelectronics assembly technologies, as well as applying proven commercial packaging techniques to drive out cost in optoelectronics assemblies. Often, the customers conceive of and develop the products they build, working with PROMEX cost reduction and NPI. They also service the specialty chip packaging sector offering small volume quick turns through medium volume on shore production

  • PSI Semicon Services

    PSI Semicon Services

    PSI Semicon Services’ engineers use the latest technology to diagnose, evaluate, repair, calibrate and test some of the most advanced semiconductor manufacturing equipment in the market today, as well as legacy equipment that is no longer supported by the OEM. Their services cover a wide range of semiconductor equipment, such as robotics/motion control, printed circuit boards (PCBs), motors, controllers, power supplies, RF equipment, and vacuum components

  • Spectrum


    Spectrum is committed to being socially and environmentally responsible and strive to source materials from vendors who certify their products comply with the requirements and directives of RoHS, REACH, Non-Conflict Minerals and WEEE. The company streamlines challenges of supply chain management, making client’s job easier. Every service provided is designed to provide an excellent experience. Their sales staff is comprised of highly trained packaging specialists who constantly strive to understand customers' needs and can offer solutions for any packaging requirement

  • TechPats


    TechPats is a full-service intellectual property consulting firm, bringing together patent expertise, technical excellence, and business acumen across a wide range of markets and technologies. Forming strong partnerships with clients, TechPats empower them to grow their businesses, protect and profit from their intellectual property assets, and strategically position themselves for the future. TechPats focuses on three major areas of work, portfolio development and management, patent monetization, and litigation support. Through these main disciplines, TechPats offers deep, comprehensive coverage in realizing, monetizing, and protecting client patents

  • UC Components

    UC Components

    UC Components, Inc., is a manufacturer of fastener and seal products for clean-critical environments, with a focus on plated, coated, polished, cleaned, and vented screws for high and ultra-high vacuum equipment. The UC RediVac® product line of screws, washers, and nuts is engineered for faster pump-down and more complete evacuation of vacuum systems, as well as corrosion resistance and galling prevention. The RediVac® line of cleaned and vacuum-baked fluoroelastomer (FKM) O-rings is designed to deliver a ready-to-use seal to the point of use with a thorough surface cleaning and/or vacuum de-gassing for quicker pump-down and reduced contamination